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Gavin Roser

Gavin W. Roser

Gavin Roser is the Managing Director of Pantrak Transportation Limited – a project management & consultancy firm dealing with all aspects marine transport, rail and road freight on a Pan European basis. He is also Chairman & Co Founder of the Coastlink Shipping Network and a Director of TruckTrain Knowhow Ltd a joint venture developing new rail solutions for the carriage of freight. Partner with nine European Universities in the Northern Maritime University a 3 year European Interreg 1VB programme. Responsible for Executive module – training maritime business leaders 2020. From 2010 until May 2017 Gavin was Secretary General of the European Freight and Logistics Leaders Forum, a Brussels-based members forum and think-tank. He now operates under the new title of Ambassador at Large and continues to support the forum and focus on News Hour interviews with politicians and business leaders involved with the global supply chain.

Please see this link for interviews.

Previous Board appointments with the Denholm Shipping Group of Companies & Chairman of a joint venture in the Falklands. Overseas assignments in Iran and New Zealand the latter involving the privatisation of the National Shipping Line. Management of European Rail business (CP Ships) and General Management positions with subsidiary of the BAA (subsequently acquired by Securicor). Former Vice Consul for Norway in Glasgow. Extensive speaking engagements at European Transport Forums. Gavin Roser was appointed as a member of the Tayside and Central Scotland Transport Partnership (Tactran) by the Scottish Transport Minister in March 2007 - www.tactran.gov.uk.


Company Director

Year of birth:





English – mother tongue


  • Chartered Fellow of Institute of Personnel Development {FCIPD}
  • Certificate in Nautical studies – School of Navigation Glasgow


2002 – present
Managing Director

Pantrak Transportation Limited

2013 – present

Coastlink Network Ltd

2004 – 2013
Deputy Chairman

(apt June 2010)
Secretary General

European Freight Leaders & Logistics Forum Brussels

2004 – present
Management Committee Member



Railfreight Group

1999 – 2001
General Manager

CP Ships (Contship Overland)

Management Committee Member

Contship Container Lines

1991 – 1999
General Manager
Europe / Quality

Securicor / Scottish Express (BAA)

1974 – 1991
Managing Director

Denholm Group
Agency Division

Vice President

US operation

Marketing Director

Ship Management Division.


Advisor to New Zealand Government on the privatisation of the National Shipping Line.
Advisor to National Shipping Line of Iran on ship management & HR planning {2 years}.
Chairman of JV in the Falklands – development of the fishery and maritime support.
7 years in manufacturing with Polaroid & Sybron Corporation.

Selected Projects - Pantrak

  • Welsh Assembly Govt: Short sea study.
  • Scottish Government: 2009 Ferry review - focus on freight aspects.
  • Babcock Rosyth: Major container port development Scotland – NPF project.
  • Argyll & Bute Council: Scoping project for extending marine facilities to handle timber.
  • InterTradeIreland: stakeholder interviews that contributed to Freight Transport Report for the Island economy 2020.
  • Scottish Executive: Stakeholder interviews that contributed to Freight Action Plan.
  • Freight Leaders: Chairman 11 country working group to determine location of intermodal hubs in Europe 2015.
  • Orkney: Chaired Transport Conference inter island ferries.
  • Scottish Enterprise Fife: Economic Impact and Land- Bridge studies in the context of the RoRo service from Rosyth to Zeebrugge.
  • Perth & Kinross Council: Port of Perth scoping study for developing the port.
  • Coastlink Network: “Dublin Declaration” on modal change, congestion and expansion of maritime services.
  • Geest North Sea Line Rotterdam: {now Samskip} UK coastal feeder project to determine scope for expanding services.

Northern Maritime University

Module J: Cruise shipping - Operations, management, strategies

Task 3.5 Developing executive module elements

Responsible: L-UAS, Pantrak and partners:

Executive Module Elements – Maritime Business 2020 – Pantrak - Can you take the lead?

  • Shipping industry and globalisation (TRI) - Concentration (horizontal/vertical), changes in trade.
  • Environment 2020 (IVL) - Upcoming legislation, air and water environmental problems.
  • Communication and Information Management (L-UAS).
  • Human Factors 2020 (SDU) - Health and safety, intercultural issues, technical Innovation.
  • Ship Lifecycles Management 2020 (Br-UAS) - Building, Scrapping, Brokering.
  • Logistics Challenges 2020 (Molde/GU).
  • Ship design - Technical innovation (Jacobs).

Task 6.6 Integrated career path development for young people and the CPD potential of transnational modular education offerings

Responsible: Jacobs, Partners: Pantrak, UHH, all partners

  • Mapping educational concepts and their complementarily with current industry practice and lifestyles.
  • Conceptualization of content aiming at the development of soft skills and competences which will facilitate career change for seafarers and shore-based personnel.
  • Career path development, soft skills (based on TNA e.g. leadership, team building, motivation, decision making), hard skills (based on TNA e.g. Shipping Management, Strategic Management, Logistics, Port Management), environmental awareness, cultural awareness and cultural diversity management, ICT skills.

Audrey Macnab

Audrey Macnab

Audrey enjoyed working at the forefront of the "dotcom" era in a leading B2B which attracted massive investment in its pursuit of enabling small and medium sized enterprises to trade efficiently with each other. She headed up the Customer Care function for the company, ensuring prompt and knowledgeable service for clients across Europe and the US while developing a variety of market-facing reports and statistics for the Board.

Audrey also worked in a Consultancy capacity for a small strategy firm based in London whose clients included several major investment banks.

After graduating from the University of St Andrews in Scotland and attending the Richard Ivey School in Business in Ontario, Canada, Audrey joined retailer Asda's graduate training scheme and was successful in her role as Provisions Manager in several stores across the UK.

Now busy with much "behind the scenes" in Pantrak, Audrey is thoroughly enjoying the world of Transport, Freight and Logistics. She also runs the Secretariat for the European Freight and Logistics Leaders Forum.

Linda E. Roser

Linda Roser carries out administration for Pantrak and she also plays a major role in the organisation of Events.

Tel: +44 (0)1292 442457
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